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Safety First!  Owning arms is your constitutional right.

Carrying arms safely is your RESPONSIBILITY!

What We Do

We’re a firearm/handgun training company with a strong commitment towards personalized training and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a CHL license, to learn safe handling of firearms, to increase their skills in handgun proficiency or how to properly maintain firearms.

Now that you have decided to ACT on training in the usage of firearms, we’re here to help you along. We warmly welcome you. Our qualified trainers stand ready to discuss your goals and to help you decide on the best class suited to your needs.

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CHL/LTC Classes

A low student to instructor ratio insures your opportunity to maximize understanding of all the legal aspects of carry in Texas.

Pistol 101 Instruction

Introduction to handguns. If you have basic skills but need improvements in safety protocols and techniques for safely shooting a firearm.

Private Instruction

Never held a handgun? Here is where you take your first steps to learn. I specialize in introducing and training new students to safely shoot and manage a firearm.

Maintenance Training

Caring for your firearm. Have you never cleaned your firearm? Proper cleaning extends the life of your firearm and insures its proper performance if needed.

Steps To Apply For Your CHL

the concealed handgun licensing process

  • 1...

    Check Eligibility Requirements!

    Check to see if you’re eligible before spending your money on the application to the state (which is NOT refundable if you don’t qualify!). State law is specific and thorough. This is step one to start the process of achieving your goal!


  • 2...

    Complete Texas CHL Application Online!

    The fastest and easiest way to submit your CHL application is online at the Texas DPS website. You can print out and submit a hard copy of your application, but this will only delay the process. ACT now to get the ball rolling.

    State Online Application

  • 3...

    Schedule Fingerprint Appointment!

    Electronic fingerprinting is required. Make an appointment to have it taken and submitted to the DPS — even if you’ve recently been fingerprinted for something else. This step might be the least favorite one but it is required.

    List of Locations

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    Take a CHL Class!

    CHL classes are available in several settings. Large groups, private/small groups, or one-on-one instruction. Whatever is needed, Austin Concealed Training classes are offered in several formats to satisfy your personal requirements.


  • 5...

    Verify required documents are submitted to the State!

    After successful completion of the written test and range proficiency, you will receive two originally, signed copies of the State required CHL100 form - one for your personal file and one to forward to the State. We recommend that you keep the second original of this form and copies of all other documents submitted to the state until the successful completion of your CHL application process. Remember - we guarantee that you will pass the class or we will refund your training fees.

CHL Eligibility Requirements

A Quick Look

Most often asked eligibility questions

  • You must be at least 21 years of age. [exception for military]
  • You must be a Legal resident of Texas for 6 months.
  • You must NOT convicted of a felony.
  • You cannot be delinquent on child support or other State owed monies.

Please read  for the full definition.

Class Calendar

The calendar shows any currently scheduled classes

If there is not a class scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, please feel free to contact me to set something up!

If there is no entry for a date you need then that date can most likely be yours. Contact me and we will arrange a date.

Safety Rules for
Classroom and Range

  1. Absolutely NO live ammunition in the classroom.
  2. All firearms are to remain secured in student vehicles until instructed to bring to shooting activity. [Notify the instructor if that is not possible - i.e. student being dropped off at the class - and arrangements can be made ahead of time.]
  3. No alcohol or drug use prior to or during entire class time.
  4. No profane language or racial slurs will be tolerated.
  5. Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap)
  6. Footwear shall be of a type that the entire foot is covered.
  7. No shorts will be allowed on the pistol range for safety purposes .
  8. Wear a shirt with a collar to the range.
  9. Handguns a) Revolvers of at least .32 caliber (no push off on single action will be accepted) b) Semi-automatics of at least .9mm caliber c) All handguns should be in good repair and have no modification(s) that will make the handgun less safe d) Make sure you are familiar with your handgun e) Make sure you zero your handgun as there is no time allotted in class for this f) No laser sights or optics will be allowed on firearms to complete shooting proficiency
  10. Ammunition--NO RELOADED AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED a) SAAMI Specification b) A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for each sidearm*

*You need to provide your own ammunition for additional opportunities if you fail to qualify the first time. You have three opportunities to qualify.

Firearms Range
Qualification Examination

  • You may qualify with either a semi-automatic or a revolver, minimum .32 caliber required.
  • Course of fire is a total of 50 rounds.
  • Minimum qualifying score for a CHL is 175 out of 250 possible points (70%).
  • The state required targets are type B-27 and may be one of 4 colors (black, blue, green, red).

3 Yard Line (20 rounds required)

  • 1 round in 2 seconds [5 times]
  • 2 rounds in 3 seconds [5 times]
  • 5 rounds in 10 seconds

7 Yard Line (20 rounds required)

  • 5 rounds in 10 seconds
  • 2 rounds in 4 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 6 seconds
  • 1 round in 3 seconds [5 times]
  • 5 rounds in 15 seconds

15 Yard Line (10 rounds required)

  • 2 rounds in 6 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 9 seconds
  • 5 rounds in 15 seconds